1 Morning a week

66.00 Month

2 Mornings a week

107.00 Month

3 Morning a week

138.00 Month

4 Mornings a week

173.00 Month

5 Mornings a week

209.00 Month

HOW MUCH? = how often students attend program  

  • Upon enrollment a contractual agreement will be made  to outline how often your child will utilize MEDI's services.

  • Fees are not adjusted for absences due to illness, holidays etc. They are based on the original schedule of attendance 

  • Tuition is due at the end of every month. If not paid, fees will be applied to the original tuition cost and termination of enrollment can result


1 Afternoon a week

108.00 Month

2 Afternoons a week

185.00 Month

3 Afternoons a week

259.00 Month

4 Afternoons a week

331.00 Month

5 Afternoons a week

394.00 Month