7:00am - 8:15am

By 6pm or late fees apply

K-4 only: Before-school care 

Regular School Hours

All Grades: Pick up   

Middle School:  7:20am-1:58pm

Grades 2-4:  8:15am- 2:30pm

Grades K-1:  8:45am--3:00pm

Grades K-1 Students escorted to a bus that will take students to McGovern School

Grades 2-4 students escorted   to entrance of Memorial School

Grades K-1

Arrive from McGovern Public School by bus

Grades 2-4

are met by MEDI school teachers in Memorial school cafeteria where attendance is taken and students are then walked to MEDI

Middle school

students walk to MEDI classrooms located in the middle school where attendance is then taken